Needlepoint Stitch Guide for Animal Fayre Little Panda

Little Panda by Animal Fayre

Animal Fayre Little Panda - like all of the Animal Fayre's "Littles", comes with the canvas, thread, guide, backing fabric and filler.  The guide calls for the entire canvas to be done in a Victorian Cross stitch.  So why change it up?  You don't have to.  The Victorian cross stitch is perfect for all of the needlepoint kits.  And we've already prepared a "how to" on that stitch.   (Click here for a reminder on how to do the Victorian Cross stitch.)

However, whenever I look at a canvas I see stitches.  So, I decided to share my view of this needlepoint with all of you.  It's a simple guide for a beginner stitcher, with just a few changes that can be used on almost any canvas - especially the other Animal Fayre "Littles".


Little Panda by Animal Fayre

Use the Victorian Cross stitch for the Panda and the grass.  The Victorian cross stitch is thicker than the other stitches so that part of the canvas will stand out.

Victorian Cross stitch in needlepoint
Stitch the white first so that the darker colors don't bleed through.  For full instructions on the Victorian Cross stitch CLICK HERE.  The dark borders are also done in the Victorian Cross stitch.


Little Panda by Animal Fayre

Use the Alternating tent stitch on the red stripes.

Alternating tent stitch in needlepoint
This stitch is good for all designs that have rows of two colors.  Just make sure the same color is in the same direction across the canvas.

Little Panda by Animal Fayre


Basket Weave stitch in needlepoint

Stitch the small squares in the border in a basket weave stitch.  Stitch one color at a time.   Leave the center open in every square.  You will notice that one of the "squares" is missing a row-- it's now a rectangle.  It's not a misprint - it's done purposely to keep the canvas at 4" x 4".  Stitch the entire small rectangle on all 4 sides in a basket weave stitch.


French Knot in needlepoint

Use the French Knot for the Center of the squares in the border. (See the stitched picture above.)  The French Knot is done by wrapping the thread around the needle ONCE.  Yes, the stitch has a different name if you wrap it around the needle more than once. 

You can use these simple stitches on any of your needlepoint projects - especially all of the Animal Fayre needlepoint kits.