How To Make A Needlepoint Waste Knot

Waste knots are used to start and secure a new thread in needlepoint. It's called a waste knot because it's snipped off shortly after you've created it.

The first thing you do is place a knot in the end of the length of thread you want to use. Then, place this knot at the front (right side) of your canvas, a few stitches away from where you're going to place your first stitch. 

needlepoint waste knot
This secures the thread while you stitch up to the knot.

needlepoint waste knot
Now that your stitches have approached the waste knot you can snip it off. When you turn your canvas over and look at the back side you'll find that the stitches have covered the end of the thread and secured it in place. Now your stitches won't pull out.

needlepoint waste knot

You can continue to make waste knots every time you need to start a new thread, or, if there are already stitches nearby, you can just slide your needle under the back of a few and this will secure the end of the thread. Waste knots are good for when there are no other stitches in the area to use to slide your needle under.
how to make a needlepoint waste knot