Cashmere needlepoint stitch

The Cashmere needlepoint stitch is almost as versatile as its little cousin the Mosaic stitch. (Click here for a reminder of how to do the Needlepoint Mosaic Stitch & where to use it.) The Cashmere needlepoint stitch is just as easy to stitch too.  Read on and learn how to do the Cashmere needlepoint stitch, variations on the stitch and the best places to use it.

The Cashmere needlepoint stitch

the cashmere stitch in needlepoint

The basic Cashmere needlepoint stitch is just a larger Mosaic stitch 1–2–2-1. You can do a single Cashmere needlepoint stitch in a horizontal or vertical direction, or in rows. 

Cashmere needlepoint stitch on Charley Harper canvas Pelican Pantry
Straight horizontal rows of the Cashmere stitch are perfect for Pelican Pantry by Charley Harper. Stitch the black rows on the Pelican’s beak in horizontal Cashmere stitches, the blue with a tent stitch.


vertical rows of cashmere stitch
You can also do the Cashmere needlepoint stitch in vertical or horizontal rows as a background.  Here the Horizontal Cashmere stitch was done in vertical rows, one on top of the other, with rows of tent stitches in between.

elongated Cashmere needlepoint stitch
Or, elongate the stitch and run it across the row.


The Cashmere needlepoint stitch on a diagonal

The cashmere needlepoint stitch can also be done on a diagonal.

Diagonal Cashmere needlepoint stitch
When doing the Diagonal Cashmere needlepoint stitch the small stitch (over one) will be shared – the last tent stitch in the motif will be the first in the next motif – 1-2-2-1-2-2-1-2-2-1.

diagonal cashmere needlepoint stitch on house by the lake sk1002House by the Lake SK1002 from JulieMar & Friends

The Diagonal Cashmere stitch is perfect for clothing, fields or sloping hillsides.  Here I used the Diagonal Cashmere stitch on the purple mountain in the left corner.

Cashmere stitch in random patterns

cashmere needlepoint stitch in patio pattern
You can also get creative with the Cashmere needlepoint stitch.  Elongate the Cashmere stitch, bend it and create patterns.  This one is perfect for a patio.

cashmere needlepoint stitch in patio pattern

Stitch all directions in the same thread, or change up the Scotch needlepoint stitch in the center with another fiber (Pink on diagram.)