11-13 inch frame --Needlepoint Stretcher Bars

NB: We pull threads based on an estimate of thread use from over 30 years of experience. If your kit or canvas order contains threads, and for whatever reason, you find you need more, there may be an additional charge.

Needlepoint stretcher bars are used to hold your needlepoint canvas taut while you stitch. They are sold in pairs and so you need two pairs (4 bars) to form the frame.

Needlepoint Stretcher Bars - Features:

  • Made of wood.
  • No tools are required for assembly. The bars push together to form a frame.
  • Select a size that is the same size as the area of your canvas. E.g. for a needlepoint canvas that measures 8" x 10" you will need two 8" needlepoint stretcher bars and two 10" needlepoint stretcher bars. This measurement is the total canvas area, not the design area. Most canvases have about 1.5" of spare canvas all the way around the design and this is a safe estimate to use if you are not sure of the canvas area.
  • Tape the edges of your needlepoint canvas with masking tape before tacking the canvas to the needlepoint stretcher bars.
  • Use tacks or staples to attach the needlepoint canvas to the needlepoint stretcher bars. Tack the middle of each side and then work out from there toward the corners. Pull the canvas taut as you tack.
  • See this video from Needlepoint Now magazine on how to tack your needlepoint canvas to needlepoint stretcher bars.
  • For shipping costs and information see our shipping policy.

Please note: These stretcher bars are sold as pairs and so to form a frame you only need to order one of each size (this will give you four bars). E.g. one pair of 11" and one pair of 14" will create an 11" x 14" frame.

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