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Anemone Garden<BR>Primavera Needlepoint
Anemones <BR>Primavera Needlepoint
Angel Christmas bride needlepoint ornament by Julie Mar Designs.
Angel's Gate Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Angels Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Kit
Animal Rug needlepoint by The Meredith Collection.
Animal Rug Needlepoint
From $135.00 $150.00
Animal Skeletons by D DeRusha - Canvas Only
Annie-Catherine Needlepoint Yellow Pears - Canvas Only
Annie-Catherine Needlepoint Yellow Vase - Canvas Only
Aqua Flower Burst
Aqua Flower Burst
From $180.00
Arabesque by Sally Corey
Arabesque floral by Sally Corey - Canvas Only
Arabesque Stripes by Sally Corey
Arkansas Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Arkansas Needlepoint
From $70.00
Aroha Contemporary Needlepoint Kit
Sold Out
Aroma of Spring I: French Countryside
Aroma of Spring II French Countryside
Aroma of Spring III French Countryside
Arrows:  Dallas
Arrows: Dallas
From $77.00
Arrows:  Texas - Canvas Only
Arrows: Texas
From $97.00
Artichokes needlepoint canvas by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar designs
Arts and Crafts Owls
Arts and Crafts Tiles
Asheville Needlepoint Travel Round - Canvas Only
Atlanta Needlepoint Travel Round - Canvas Only
Augusta Needlepoint Ornament - Canvas Only
Aussie Reef - Canvas Only
Aussie Reef
From $199.00
Australia Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Australia Needlepoint
From $70.00
Autumn Carnation Needlepoint Kit
Autumn Dog needlepoint canvas by Ryan Conners
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Ba Ba Birds
Ba Ba Birds
Ba Ba Bloom
Ba Ba Bloom
Baby Sleeping needlepoint canvas by Melissa Prince
Baby Sleeping - whales by J Child  - Canvas only
Baby Sleeping Whales
From $42.00
Baby's First Christmas - Canvas Only
2122 results