Christmas Needlepoint

Christmas needlepoint canvases including needlepoint Christmas stockings and needlepoint ornaments, mittens, mini stockings, socks, and holiday-themed pillows.
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Tropical Island Angel Needlepoint
Cupcake Angel Needlepoint
Kittens Angel Needlepoint
North Carolina Needlepoint Travel Round
Midnight Irish Setter Needlepoint Ornament
Old World Santa with Lantern Needlepoint Ornament
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Madonna & Child
Folk Angel Needlepoint Ornament
Wildflower Doe Needlepoint Ornament
Daisy Bear Needlepoint Ornament
Raspberries Needlepoint Ornament
Strawberries Needlepoint Ornament
Lemon Needlepoint Ornament
Royal Stag on blue Needlepoint Ornament
Jacobean Santa with Deer Cuff
Christmas Eve in the woods Cuff
Woodland Animals Cuff
Woodland Animals Cuff
From $129.00
Purple Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Blue Graphic flower by Pepperberry Designs
Pink Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Cardinal Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Blue Bird Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Rudolph by Pepperberry Designs
Brrr Snowman by Pepperberry Designs with stitch guide*
Patches the Snowman by Pepperberry Designs with stitch guide*
Max the Snowman by Pepperberry Designs with stitch guide*
JAX Snowman by Pepperberry Designs
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Midnight Beagle Needlepoint Ornament
Midnight Boston Terrier Needlepoint
Christmas Eve Town Pillow
Christmas Welcome
Christmas Welcome
From $144.00
Green & teal diamonds Mini Stocking
Pink & Green squares Mini Stocking
Red, Green & White Stripes Mini Stocking
Green Squares Mini Stocking
Cardinal & Berries Needlepoint Ornament
461 results