Christmas Needlepoint

Christmas needlepoint canvases including needlepoint Christmas stockings and needlepoint ornaments, mittens, mini stockings, socks, and holiday-themed pillows.
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Kissmas Eve
Kissmas Eve
From $174.00 $209.00
Snowman With Candy Top hat Needlepoint  Ornament
ELF Needlepoint  Ornament
Stitchin' Littles Christmas Collection
SL-35 - Stitchin' Littles Snowy Christmas
SL-33 - Stitchin' Littles Reindeer
SL-37 - Stitchin' Littles Cookie Crunch - PRE ORDER NOW
SL-38 - Stitchin' Littles ELF
SL-39 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Santa
SL-40 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Noel Angel
Bee Ornament on Navy
Bee Ornament on Navy
From $52.00
Abstract Owls Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Rabbit Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Peacocks Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Fox Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Elephant Ornament By Melissa Prince
Pippin Studio Burgundy and White Bauble
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Kit Peppermint Swirl
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Kit Pineapple
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Kit Christmas Train
Santa Star Ornament
Santa Star Ornament
From $61.00
Crescent Santa
Crescent Santa
From $96.00
Pippin Studio Red & Orange Bauble
Pippin Studio Multi-colored Bauble
Pippin Studio Bauble with Star
Winter Village Christmas Tree
Santa with gifts Christmas Tree
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint New York City ornaments collection
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Brooklyn Bridge
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint New York City taxi
Reindeer Christmas Star Ornament
Nordic Striped Christmas Star Ornament
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Central Park Ice Skaters
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Rockettes
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Rockefeller Center
461 results